Beef FloMix Lyrics – Flo Milli

Rollteam 29 September 7, 2023

Beef FloMix Lyrics

[Intro: Flo Milli]
Flo Milli shit, bitch

[Verse 1: Flo Milli]
I like cash and my hair to my ass (I do)
Do the dash, can you make it go fast? (Go, go)
Fuck the fame, all I want is them bands (Money)
If she keep on mugging, I'ma steal her man (I got him)
He watching my behavior 'cause he know I'm bad
Pussy put a spell on him, he in a trance (Damn)
I do what I please and you do what I ask (Haha)
He love my confidence and that's what you lack (You love it)
If you think I'm stealing swag, bitch, come and sue me (Sue me)
They watch me like I'm a new movie (A movie)
His baby mother is my groupie (Yeah)
We got the club going up on a Tuesday (Go, go)
Like an OMG girl, I'm a beauty (Beauty)
If it don't go my way, I get moody (Moody)
Nigga, flexing on you is my duty (Duty)
I’m the big dawg, my nickname is Scooby
Who got beef with me? (I don't know)
Girl, you don't wanna compete
I'm too fast on my feet (Yes, you don't)
And you know where I be
Making you mad is my specialty
I'm the petty queen
I need you to have a seat (Bye)
My dad will drill you like a cavity (Cavity)
And he won't let you in on his strategy
Better think twice when you come for our family (Ho)
Honey, you're gonna cause a fatality (You out of here)
Can't do no broke ho, they give me allergies (Ew)
But I know they love my personality (Yeah)
Maybe 'cause I got a nigga mentality
I’m tryna make a million my salary (Money)
I might've took a L
But I'm pretty sure nobody could tell (I'm up, I'm up)
It took me a while to come up out my shell (It did)
At least I could say I did it with no help

[Bridge: Flo Milli]
Bitch, I'm a lil' savage, I like to rebel
Guess my mama don’t like it, she keep raising hell
They know I'm the shit, I wonder if I smell
You can't take nothing from me 'cause this what I built

[Verse 2: Flo Milli]
He say he know me but it don't ring a bell
Nigga I'm not buying the dream that you sell (Woah)
And if you betray me, then you took a L (Woah, woah)
My pockets fat like that ass on K. Michelle, damn (Michelle)
Who got beef? (Who got it?)
I'm tryna find something to eat
If she the opp, then bring her to me
I don't give a fuck about her name in these streets (Sit down)
Ain't no running up on me
Bitch, I'm guarded like I'm an Obama
If they hit you, you gone need your mama (Baow, baow)
They got heat, I ain't talking no sauna
Lil' ho, you don't want no drama (Drama, drama)

[Outro: Flo Milli]

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Beef FloMix" song?

"Beef FloMix" song is sung by Flo Milli.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Beef FloMix" song?

"Beef FloMix" song lyrics written by Ethereal & Flo Milli.

Who is the music producer of "Beef FloMix" song?

"Beef FloMix" song music composed & produced by Ethereal & Lil Evo.

When was "Beef FloMix" song released?

"Beef FloMix" song was released on October 5, 2018.