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Blue Notes 2 Lyrics

Yo, Nick Papz, make it slap
You gotta turn me up in the headphones some more
A little bit more
Turn me up Cruiz
So many motherFu*king hundreds
You gotta make a part two

I'm not in competition with my homies
I'm whipping the competition and the Rollie
I know my opposition never knew me
They wouldn't be opposition if they know me
I made a proposition to my hitters
I told them to knock me down if you owe me
I just been sliding around, hitting them, get Them
We moving with Glock, pounds and the .40s
Them ni*gas got shot down, we was whoring
My homie a opp now, so we on him
I was like sixteen with the MAC on me
Deep in the field like it's Pop Warner
Where did the Sh*t scene ni*gas cracked on me
When it got real, tried to slide on him
I made some M's, split the guys on Them
We keeping it real, ni*gas not
And my homie a savage, I put in a casket
And I'm mad at him 'Cuz he died on us
Just left his funeral and I told his momma
Every time that she cry, we gone slide on Them
I look you ni*gas right dead in the eyes
And I ain't surprised you ain't riding for us
How would you feel if you bust some mills with some ni*gas
And they switch side on you?
How would you feel?
When you so lit that you can't tell if the law real
If I can't tell you nothing
I'll tell you how Thug feel
And you ain't rich ni*ga
Your stash gone pay my drug bill
Ni*ga, this expensive pain
Pullingg expensive Range

Now I got expensive chain
He got drug money (Yeah)
That's expensive game (Yeah)
I got expensive shooter (Yeah)
He got expensive aim (Yeah)
You know it's Lil Uzi
That's an expensive name (Yeah)

I'm goin hard and my back to the wall
I was like Derek, just pumping and faking
There's no way they matching me off
Who really gone stick me and we getting busy
And we rappers when we ball
I won't even brag this, I go triple platinum
And they said that was an award, eh

I switch my Rollie up to a Richard Millie
In the trenches with some young ni*ga
Tryna tell him how this rich Sh*t really feel
You ain't never been in the field with them late nights
Off Benadryl with them great whites locked in a cell
Like Shawshank, no redemption

I was richest ni*ga in the prison
I was strapping up when ni*gas weren't riding
I was the richest ni*ga on a mission
I was motivated, I watching moves
Yeah, the brokest ni*ga in the kitchen
I was chasing million when they said I couldn't
I was hard headed, I ain't listen
Got a dad that never did
Now we all made it out the trenches, yeah

All of my money is new
All of my money is blue, riddle me this
I supposed to go get money
And keep doing favors and give all my money to who?
You keep telling me ni*gas keep telling you what?
Why they be running to you?
Why every time ni*gas talk about me and it's bad
They keep coming to you?

I never got that part
Ni*ga, know you my man
But every time you wanna talk bad about me
They come to you and you come to me
Like lil' hoe ass ni*ga
I'll slap the Sh*t out you, Fu*k it

Hunnids on hunnids on hunnids on hunnids
My homie a opp, but he know how I rock
So you know that I'm ready, however he coming
We done went up on these ni*gas like seventy-nothing
They talking about body, we talking about millions
We talking about money, they talking about killing

I gotta go to the bathroom soon as I walk in the building
You know how I'm living
Walking, I'm tucking and passing the glizzy
Don't look how I..., you know I ain't slipping
Come to your trenches, its me
And every one of my savage ni*gas
You know I ain't tripping
And I can't get extorted, I'm balling like Jordan
We slidin with twenty, we toting and p!mping
It's Fu*k what ni*gas think
I just be laughing to the bank

I done pulled up with the presidential on my wrist
And this b!tch it like Hillary
I was just in the kitchen whipping
Hannah Montana like my name was Billy Ray
And I bet that I have me a hunnid million dollars on these
Ni*gas before I be twenty-eight
Love her back, when b!tches wasn't loveing me
Twenty-thousand at best, she ain't dumping me
I'm on point ain't no b!tch out here running me
Lamborghini, the same color Bumblebee
Pull up Cullinan, same color, butter seats
In the game, ain't no young ni*ga touching me
Yeah, she know that I'm the Sh*t
And she know that I'm rich
Every time that we Fu*k
She yell "nut in me"
(Aye, Lil Uzi)

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Blue Notes 2" song?

"Blue Notes 2" song is sung by Meek Mill ft. Lil Uzi Vert.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Blue Notes 2" song?

"Blue Notes 2" song lyrics written by Lil Uzi Vert, Meek Mill.

Who is the music producer of "Blue Notes 2" song?

"Blue Notes 2" song music composed & produced by Nick Papz.

When was "Blue Notes 2" song released?

"Blue Notes 2" song was released on September 1, 2021.