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The lyrics of "Deeper Well" by Kacey Musgraves, the singer reflects on personal growth and self-discovery, particularly during a transformative period around the age of twenty-seven. The lyrics touch upon relationships, habits, and the process of shedding negativity to prioritize self-care. Musgraves expresses a determination to distance herself from people and habits that drain her energy and hinder personal progress. ...Read More

Deeper Well Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kacey Musgraves]
My Saturn has returned
When I turned twenty-seven
Everything started to change

[Verse 2: Kacey Musgraves]
Took a long time, but I learned
There's two kinds of people, one is a giver
And one's always trying to take
All they can take

[Chorus: Kacey Musgraves]
So I'm saying goodbye to the people
That I feel are real good at wasting my time
No regrets, baby, I just think that maybe
You go your way and I'll go mine
It's been a real good time
But you got dark energy, something I can't unsee
And I've got to take care of myself
I found a deeper well

[Verse 3: Kacey Musgraves]
I used to wake and bake
Roll out of bed, hit the gravity bong that I made
And start the day
For a while, it got me by
Everything I did seemed better when I was high
I don't know why

[Chorus: Kacey Musgraves]
So I'm getting rid of the habits that I feel
Are real good at wasting my time
No regrets, baby, I just think that maybe
It's natural when things lose their shine
So other things can glow
I've gotten older now, I know
How to take care of myself
I found a deeper well

[Verse 4: Kacey Musgraves]
When I was growing up
We had what we needed, shoes on our feet
But the world was as flat as a plate
And that's okay

[Outro: Kacey Musgraves]
The things I was taught only took me so far
Had to figure the rest out myself
And then I found
I found a deeper well

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Deeper Well" song?

"Deeper Well" song is sung by Kacey Musgraves.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Deeper Well" song?

"Deeper Well" song lyrics written by Kacey Musgraves, Daniel Tashian & Ian Fitchuk.

Who is the music producer of "Deeper Well" song?

"Deeper Well" song music composed & produced by Daniel Tashian, Ian Fitchuk & Kacey Musgraves.

When was "Deeper Well" song released?

"Deeper Well" song was released on February 8, 2024.