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Demon Party Lyrics

[Intro: YoungBoy]
I-I can care less
'Cause they don't know me
I-I'm living my life, like
It has nothing to do with them
Or, I'm not bothering anyone
I will (Turn me up DeSean)
I got a song to tell right now, um
I was just thinking back on
From my, on my side of town
It really lik
And it went a little something like this

[Chorus: YoungBoy]
Steady getting high, I can't sleep, oh, what I
'Cause the demons party all night long
Get it? Hahaha, haha
('Cause the demons party all night long)

[Verse: YoungBoy]
I got some drugs, I ain't taking no break
How many sticks in this b!tch? It's 'bout eight
How many b!tches I wanna hit? Eight
Can't see my eyes behind Cartier frames
B!tch, I'm a boss, I ain't throwing no shade
B!tch, I'm bussed down from my watch to my chain
Made from a jail cеll, counting my property
Hard body, concrete, slang with thеm K's
Flash out with these whips, make that b!tch do a maze
B!tch, I'm a p!mp, I got too many rings
I can't remember her, too many names
Just like the watch, I be switching the face
I want a yacht, sell that Bentley today
F**k it, them crackers tryna get me for days
Go tell my label to pick up my budget
My stylist brought me too many damn things
Make another thirty million up inside of an eight month span
Not my brother running with them n!ggas saying
He don't f**k with me, damn
For to hide all these b!tches
Might as well go and buy more land
I'll hit a n!gga ass with the Drac'
With his baby in his hands, with his baby in his hands
I'ma die crying, killed by these millions
Don't play with these bands, n!gga
Don't play with these bands
Buy designer everything
Got these hoes by the piece
Tell 'em my piece falling off
All these scary-ass n!ggas facing me
Now they tryna see if they come over

[Break: YoungBoy]
Oh, I
'Cause the demons party all night long
'Cause the demons party all night long
'Cause the demons party all night long

[Outro: YoungBoy]
Slide with the stick when they come busting every night
Playing with my name, I'ma put you on a obituary
Broke-ass n!gga, ol' scary-ass n!gga head
I done got the b!tch waiting, boss 'em up, cut them
Spraying on a n!gga, we don't give a boy no life
Shawty watch it dry, hope the b!tch don't go telling
I was dead broke, cut some grass when my momma tell me

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Demon Party" song?

"Demon Party" song is sung by NBA YoungBoy.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Demon Party" song?

"Demon Party" song lyrics written by YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Who is the music producer of "Demon Party" song?

"Demon Party" song music composed & produced by Jason Goldberg.

When was "Demon Party" song released?

"Demon Party" song was released on March 2, 2023.