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Endless, Nameless Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kurt Cobain]
Silence, here I am!
Here I am, silent!
Bright and clear, it's what I am!
I have died!

[Chorus: Kurt Cobain]
Mother, Mother
Mother, Mother

[Verse 2: Kurt Cobain]
Death! And violence!
Excitement, right here!
Died! Go to Hell!
Here I am, right here!

[Chorus: Kurt Cobain]
No más, no más
No más, Mama

[Verse 3: Kurt Cobain]
Death is what I am!
Go to Hell, go to jail!
In back of that crime!
Here I am, take a chance!

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Cast & Crew

  • Album
  • Artist / Band
  • Lead Vocalist
  • Producer(s)
  • Butch Vig
  • Writter(s)
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Released On
  • September 24, 1991

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Endless, Nameless" song?

"Endless, Nameless" song is sung by Nirvana (Kurt Cobain is the lead vocalist).

Who is the lyrics writer of "Endless, Nameless" song?

"Endless, Nameless" song lyrics written by Kurt Cobain.

Who is the music producer of "Endless, Nameless" song?

"Endless, Nameless" song music composed & produced by Butch Vig.

When was "Endless, Nameless" song released?

"Endless, Nameless" song was released on September 24, 1991.