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Flamerz Flow Lyrics Meek Mill from Expensive Pain (2021) album. The music is produced by Dat Boi Squeeze, 30 Roc, while lyrics are written by Meek Mill. The music track was released on October 1, 2021.

Flamerz Flow Lyrics

What it do, 30?
(What it do, 30?)

One false move, you a goner
We was masking up before corona
Young Ni*ga hanging out the Bentley
While I'm swinging 'round the corner
Paper tag, this is not a loaner
Drug dealer, this one for the owners
This ain't for the leasers
Tom Ford loafers, you could never tie my sneakers
Put her on the block list
I'm like "Bye Felicia"
I be on the island with a Spanish mamacita
And shorty, she be wilding
It's no way that I'ma eat her
Fu*k her, I don't feed her
I just fu*k hеr, I don't need her
I'm like "We just tryna win Sh*t"
Glock, fourth gеn Sh*t
Clear clip, extend Sh*t
Don't fear Sh*t, we bend Sh*t
Two friends kissing on the yacht
That's like a friendship
New Benz, when we hit they block
We spinning they're Sh*t
We be riding bulletproof
'Cuz we be really in Sh*t
He was riding bulletproof
We shot it 'til we flipped it
Ni*ga, I was sturdy back when I was dirty
Started with an ounce
Had twenty million by the time I'm thirty
I was in and out
Deep in that field where Ni*gas die by thirty
Hanging with the killers playing bye-bye-birdy
Ya' dig?
Condo in Tribeca, got my mom in Jersey
I wish death on anything that threaten me
Or try to hurt me
I was rich as fu*k, ain't play my cell
I'm out here bright and early
Workout with the lifers doing a thousand burpees
You dig?
Plain Jane, Richard
Five-hundred-eighty Benz
Sh*t expensive
Gotta watch the way you shake my hand
I make the Richie match the Virgil
I just changed the band
They killed my daddy
I was five and I got made a man

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Flamerz Flow" song?

"Flamerz Flow" song is sung by Meek Mill.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Flamerz Flow" song?

"Flamerz Flow" song lyrics written by Meek Mill.

Who is the music producer of "Flamerz Flow" song?

"Flamerz Flow" song music composed & produced by Dat Boi Squeeze, 30 Roc.

When was "Flamerz Flow" song released?

"Flamerz Flow" song was released on October 1, 2021.