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"Good News" by Pop Smoke sets the stage for the song's themes of faith, belief in oneself, positive messaging, self-confidence, and ambition. It suggests that the song will carry a message of hope and understanding, emphasizing that its impact will be lasting. Let's break down the meaning of each paragraph. ...Read More

Good News Lyrics

[Spoken Word: Audrey Jackson]
Faith To believe in something as though it already existed
Bashar means "bringer of good news" (This is a Melo beat)
When you saw the word "Faith" on this cover
I'm sure you thought this was a gospel album
The word gospel means "the good news"
So in a sense, Bashar is bringing the good news
Telling you to believe in yourself
He believed in himself with an understanding that greatness was his to manifest
He had a vision, a plan, and he made it work
Good news, faith, hope, and understanding
The smoke will never clear

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Good News Lyrics Meaning

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Good News" song?

"Good News" song is sung by Pop Smoke.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Good News" song?

"Good News" song lyrics written by 808 Melo, Audrey Jackson & Pop Smoke.

Who is the music producer of "Good News" song?

"Good News" song music composed & produced by 808 Melo.

When was "Good News" song released?

"Good News" song was released on July 16, 2021.