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GoStyle 2023 Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro: Iayze]
(Top Kid Monopoly)

[Verse: Iayze]
(Go) they show you real love when you broke (Broke)
They showing fake love when you rich (Kele,  b!tch)
I done got rich than a b!tch (B!tch)
Spent it all and got sick (B!tch)
Made it all back in a minute (A minute)
Still screaming, "Free Chris" (B!tch)
Bad b!tch on my d!ck, want boot off E (Boot off E, b!tch)
You better get your b!tch, she all on me (She all on me)
Better duck, we hop out trucks (Out trucks)
Free Lil EBK, he light 'em up (Light 'em up)
I know n!ggas that hop out that cut (That cut)
I know n!ggas that only talk money (Talk money)
Got a b!tch that'll set some sh!t up (Set 'em up)
Got a b!tch that'll come flirt for me (Flirt for me)
I'm on that Murder Worth sh!t, I did it again
Double cup my sins (My sins)
I got drip that you ain't еven seen, pull out Cartier lens
So high, I can't steer (Kеle)
Wake up and look in the mirror, I see a real n!gga here
Get a block cleared, my b!tch don't cheat 'cause she pure
Look at my diamonds, they clear
I don't show fear, I could just get off a Xan'
And play the lil' games that you play
On lil' Lani, you try and take me away
Bullets gone take 'em away
On the X, so I need a Dasani (Dasani)
Don't p!ss me off, or don't get in the way
I get racks, I get pesos, I got shooters on payroll
Free Lil Dee, I'm gone pop that bond
N!ggas drop off when they don't see the G.O.A.T
Free Lil Dee, Mr. G23
I love that n!gga, it's deeper than songs
It's deeper than songs, we sliding (Sliding, b!tch)
Put a drum and Drac' together like it's science
F**k that, I meant to say math, ay
I'm Mr. Get-On-Yo-Ass, ay (B!tch)
Lil' bro don't know what car I'm in
Might do a hit out a C-Class
I used to post on that block for fun
Ask about me, I ain't see class (Kele)
He better have a motherf**king gun
He might get faced in grass
I got a Drac' in this b!tch like Degrassi
Drac' hold an 8 ball, it's OVO on crack (B!tch, ayy)

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Cast & Crew

  • Album
  • Artist / Band
  • Producer(s)
  • KeleWya
  • Writter(s)
  • Iayze & KeleWya
  • Released On
  • February 28, 2023

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "GoStyle 2023 Freestyle" song?

"GoStyle 2023 Freestyle" song is sung by Iayze.

Who is the lyrics writer of "GoStyle 2023 Freestyle" song?

"GoStyle 2023 Freestyle" song lyrics written by Iayze & KeleWya.

Who is the music producer of "GoStyle 2023 Freestyle" song?

"GoStyle 2023 Freestyle" song music composed & produced by KeleWya.

When was "GoStyle 2023 Freestyle" song released?

"GoStyle 2023 Freestyle" song was released on February 28, 2023.