Heaven Is Here Lyrics – Florence + The Machine

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"Heaven Is Here" by Florence + The Machine appears to be a song about seeking solace, connection, and transformation in the face of life's trials and temptations. It emphasizes the idea that heaven or a sense of peace can be found within oneself and in the connections we make with others. Let's break down the meaning of each paragraph. ...Read More

Heaven Is Here Lyrics

[Verse 1: Florence Welch]
Oh, bring your salt, bring your cigarette
Draw me a circle and I'll protect
Heaven is here if you want it

[Verse 2: Florence Welch]
Oh, bring your boy, bring your bottle
Open your mouth, pour it down his neck
Heaven is here if you want it

[Verse 3: Florence Welch]
And all of the fish, let 'em flounder
I went to the water, drank every drop
I'll turn your sea to a desert

[Verse 4: Florence Welch]
More catholic taste than the Devil
All gilded and golden, yes, I'm your girl
Hell, if it glitters, I'm going

[Bridge: Florence Welch]
And I ride in my red dress
And time stretchеs endless
With my gun in my hand
You know I always get my man

[Outro: Florence Welch]
And еvery song I wrote became an escape rope
Tied around my neck to pull me up to Heaven

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Heaven Is Here Lyrics Meaning

FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Heaven Is Here" song?

"Heaven Is Here" song is sung by Florence + The Machine.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Heaven Is Here" song?

"Heaven Is Here" song lyrics written by Florence Welch.

Who is the music producer of "Heaven Is Here" song?

"Heaven Is Here" song music composed & produced by Kid Harpoon, Jack Antonoff, Dave Bayley & Florence Welch.

When was "Heaven Is Here" song released?

"Heaven Is Here" song was released on March 7, 2022.