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Hideous Lyrics

[Verse 1: Oliver Sim]
I'm ugly
I'm up and down right now, I'm down and bloody
But I don't feel as though I've been unlucky
I have people in my life that really love me

[Chorus: Oliver Sim]
Caught my reflection in your eye
Now you've seen me from both sides
Am I hideous?
My tears naturally dry
On exposure to the light
Am I hideous?

[Verse 2: Oliver Sim]
Oh, I hide
Though the company at home can be unkind
Yet I live alone and refuse to go outside
How dare I feel so lonely
When I'm giving all my time to a man
Who doesn't know me

[Chorus: Oliver Sim]
Why don't you leave me in the dirt?
That I've been sick and I'm perverse
Oh, I'm hideous
If I've had you at your worst
It was easy in return
Oh, I'm hideous

[Bridge: Jimmy Sommerville]
Follow my voice
Sweet nature boy
Just to keep you safe
Listen for me
Be bright, have trust
Just be willing to be loved

[Chorus: Oliver Sim]
Radical honesty
Might set me free
If it makes me hideous
Been living with HIV
Since seventeen
Am I hideous?

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Hideous" song?

"Hideous" song is sung by Oliver Sim & Jimmy Somerville.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Hideous" song?

"Hideous" song lyrics written by Jimmy Somerville & Oliver Sim.

Who is the music producer of "Hideous" song?

"Hideous" song music composed & produced by Jamie xx.

When was "Hideous" song released?

"Hideous" song was released on May 23, 2022.