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Megaverse Lyrics (English)

[Verse 1: Felix, Bang Chan, Changbin & Han]
Un, deux, trois
Run along with the gods, jumping between every verse
The multiverse ain't ready for our universe
(Jump, force)
First, second, third, fourth wall
We're breaking them all, unbeatable score
Our composition brings the competition
But we've already won in this megaverse
Get your feet moving, get your tongue working, let it pop
Pop, pop, pop, this place is all ours
Popstar, festa, we will never get down on our knees
Slap on the knee, slap on the hеad
Those who yelled at us, all just shut up
Rеplay the scene every 0.1 seconds
Jaws drop in disbelief

[Pre-Chorus: Seungmin, Lee Know & Hyunjin]
Speechless, wordless
I don't need your kindness
Only after spitting out my words
Do I feel good and satisfied
Here we come (Du-du)
Open your ears
Better prepare a big bowl, or else
The tears of admiration will spill over

[Chorus: Felix, Seungmin, Lee Know & All]
Welcome to the Stray Kids Hot Megaverse
Stray Kids
Welcome to the Stray Kids Hot Megaverse

[Verse 2: Changbin, I.N, Lee Know & Han, Hyunjin]
Got the mic, here comes a big one
Hold up high Atlas
Swallow up everything in sight
Make ours every song form, megaverse
It's an obvious ending
Eventually see the end of it, Megatron
Influence amplified, whisper into the megaphone (Woah)
Gather up, spread around hooligans
Let it storm out of the way
Point a gun at the mouth talking nonsense, click
We make the rules, nobody can hold me, yeah
Can't resist hearing, listen and remember
Move over, I'm in charge now, it's a new chapter
Next one, my word, power keeps growing
Hit the high peek, then go random, ey
See me rise, I came from down below
Struggled to get to this point, ey
Now I'm way up here
Like I said, my place is at the top

[Pre-Chorus: Seungmin, I.N, Lee Know & Han]
Speechless, wordless
Mouth hung open, don't know where to look
You know we're getting fearless, reckless
Our music echoes through the galaxy
Hey, we act the way we think, the way we feel
Listen and do the same, we make it real
Every time we move
The universe will follow

[Chorus: Lee Know & All]
Welcome to the Stray Kids Hot Megaverse
Stray Kids
Welcome to the Stray Kids Hot Megaverse

[Bridge: Felix, I.N & All]
My voice is so grand deep, you better run
A unit of measure for this degree of scale, megaton
No one else stands a chance
Stray Kids

[Interlude: All]

[Outro: Bang Chan, Seungmin & Felix]
This our megaverse, big bang, your body shakes
(Stray Kids everywhere all around the world)
'Cause we making bangers, yeah, yeah
(Stray Kids everywhere all around the world)
This our megaverse, big bang, everything shakes
(Stray Kids everywhere all around the world)
Welcome to the Stray Kids Hot Megaverse

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Megaverse" song?

"Megaverse" song is sung by Stray Kids.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Megaverse" song?

"Megaverse" song lyrics written by Bang Chan, Changbin & Han.

Who is the music producer of "Megaverse" song?

"Megaverse" song music composed & produced by Bang Chan, Changbin, Han & Versachoi.

When was "Megaverse" song released?

"Megaverse" song was released on November 10, 2023.