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No Flocking Lyrics

[Intro: Asian Doll]
They so mad, BDG BDG

[Verse: Asian Doll]
Young bitch I got more cash then my own dad
Fuck a problem, I don't beef with that, I'm out to get a bag
Take a nigga, out his glow fast, we blasting on yo ass
Bought a bentley truck, can't wait to drive it in the hood so fast
Smoking trap, I don't ever pass, soda, water, gas
Don't you speak, I don't got no name, I don't talk back
I ain't going, fuck you tripping for, don't you call me boo
I'ts just me, I don't flirt with goofys, I'm too raw for you
South side raised me, I ain't go to school cause Ms.Harris was lazy
On my rapping shit, get so high, smoking juicy fruit
On the main street, William chicken then its dangerous
Hardly, you would see me out, so don't you come for me
We don't care about nobody gang, we riding with the heat
Cautiously, I was born to be, I was made to be
Tryna finesse up on anybody, ain't where I wanna be
I had nights, I ain't eat a thing, too much up in the the streets
Get away, I'm happy by myself, can't never play a G
I ain't tricking on no bitch, boy, you gone pay for me
You gone slay for me, for my meals hoe, you a maid to me
You a coon, if you lie to me, then we is not a we
I'm a doll on that gang shit, who they wanna be
Told yo bitch, I don't sneak diss, stop trynna beef with me
I been pulling bitches whole cards, like I'm Pokemon
Roll girl, you sweet swirl, lil kenda toting shells, no stopping me
I am asian, keep my doll, she cuban linked
Natalie, we going take them trips you bitches at the lake
I could teach you something, swag school, called it aftermath
Get that money, everyday shit, called it summer class
Lil' girl, you a lame to me, you a lame to me
You can't hang, with the gang with me
Can't rock no shows with me
You a sneaky bitch, don't you ever point or smile at me
I do what i want, so I jumped up on lil' Kodack beat
I'm a bitch with some money, need some hundreds
You bitches gay, y'all be stunting with niggas money
Want some glo, y'all so thirsty, we want the money, money

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "No Flocking" song?

"No Flocking" song is sung by Asian Doll.

Who is the lyrics writer of "No Flocking" song?

"No Flocking" song lyrics written by Asian Doll.

Who is the music producer of "No Flocking" song?

"No Flocking" song music composed & produced by Asian Doll.

When was "No Flocking" song released?

"No Flocking" song was released on June 26, 2016.