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Not Going Back Lyrics

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Shout out to g my brother
N!ggas just killed him now we cannot be here together
He put that g in the gutter
We put that street in a stutter
We put that b in a brother
Trapping out 7 11

N!ggas start clappin we send em to heaven
Sh!t like the army better yet the navy
We all shooters but we salute the veterans
And n!ggas gon play is then n!ggas gon play us
N!ggas gon hate us but n!ggas won't fade us
I played the block when my n!ggas came back
In a foreign all of a suddеn n!ggas was hatin
We get the drop on thе opps
Shoot at them n!ggas then f**k all they sisters butt naked
It's such a dirty game that we playing
But i'm going crazy
But i'm enver scared myn iggas going
My n!ggas blowing
55s on the side and the muscle tucked on the 40
I got a similar way under 20, 000 just hid in the safe
Pave diamonds sit in the face
They don't wanna see a young n!ggas countin hundreds up while i sit in the wraith
F**k the phone call dawg im counting like 50 a day
And G-O-D keep on blessing me
Setting the path, the Devil tryna get in my way
I give no f**k 'bout the enemy
Devil just testing me, angels gone lift him away
Having epiphanies
Bad lil' b!tch came out from Tiffany
I gave that b!tch to the set
Shoutout lil' shotty, he got out the scuffle
We flying private on every lil' shuttle
Diamonds on diamonds, I came out to hustle
Get money, women, hypnotic, just f**king
It's me and J popping
We came up from this and no way we stopping
If n!ggas hating then they k
Get to speakin spanish on em like it was j balvin
10 20s and the 30s
Serve it
Chevy impala
Any n!gga in the world
Cool as long as she come back with all my guala
Ain't no button to snooze
Grandma's living room watching 6 5 seeing
If you come up on the news
I got a couple of views
Paying a couple of dues
It ain't no way
Waiting for food
Waiting for fiends
N!ggas gon pay me in jewels
I got a dream
N!ggas gon pay me in streams
N!ggas gon pay me in views

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "Not Going Back" song?

"Not Going Back" song is sung by Tory Lanez.

Who is the lyrics writer of "Not Going Back" song?

"Not Going Back" song lyrics written by Tory Lanez.

Who is the music producer of "Not Going Back" song?

"Not Going Back" song music composed & produced by KYDUH.

When was "Not Going Back" song released?

"Not Going Back" song was released on August 10, 2021.