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146 Thai Singer & Internet Celebrity
Chonnasorn Sajakul (born November 18, 1996) was born in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a Thai singer and internet celebrity based in South Korea. She is professionally known as SORN. Sorn rose to fame after winning the first season of K-Pop Star Hunt in 2011.

She later debuted as a member of the South Korean girl group, CLC, under Cube Entertainment in March 2015. Sorn remained with CLC until November 2021, when she departed from the group to pursue a solo career. On December 3, 2021, Sorn signed with Wild Entertainment Group as a solo artist.

In addition to her music career, Sorn has also made a name for herself as a champion for fair royalty payments for foreign musicians based in South Korea. In 2017, she began campaigning for better pay and revealed in a Facebook live interview that she was being paid six times less than her Korean members. Despite this, she acknowledged that her agency had tried to help the situation. In 2019, Sorn announced on Instagram that the issue had been resolved with the Federation of Korean Music Performers (FKMP).

Sorn has also ventured into the fashion and beauty industry. In October 2020, she collaborated with Kapsul Collective to release her first jewellery collection, Rise. In February 2021, Sorn surprised her fans with the launch of her first makeup line, Don't Waste My Time, in collaboration with VT Cosmetics. The creation and development of the makeup line was documented on Cube TV's reality programme, Steve JobSon, which premiered on February 11, 2021.

Sorn's talents extend beyond her music and fashion ventures. In 2019, she launched her YouTube channel, Produsorn, where she shares videos ranging from music covers to behind-the-scenes looks at her daily life. With her undeniable talent and entrepreneurial spirit, Sorn continues to inspire fans around the world. Browse A to Z all SORN albums and singles songs lyrics below.