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X2 Lyrics

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Let me beat it up
Or let's just be each other friend
Louis V the sheets
And we can meet each other in
When I'm out with you
It's like I see me doubling
Shit, between me and you
It's like a see a hunnid M's
Yeah, times two
Yeah, it's time to
Get with you tonight for all
You put my mind through
Got me scoping through
The 'Gram tryna find you
Know what I'm tryna do
You know the way that I move

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FAQs & Knowledge

Who is the singer of "X2" song?

"X2" song is sung by Tory Lanez.

Who is the lyrics writer of "X2" song?

"X2" song lyrics written by Tory Lanez.

Who is the music producer of "X2" song?

"X2" song music composed & produced by Non Native, Bordeaux, TouchofTrent, E.C Fresco.

When was "X2" song released?

"X2" song was released on August 10, 2021.